I've been drawn to Fire and Metal most of my life. I worked at a steel mill for about eleven years and a train car manufacturer as a tooling tech for about eleven years.

I became interested in Bladesmithing in 2004. When I first started forging I was taught basic smithing process and methods from a Master Blacksmith friend, Mark J Hopper.

Since then Bladesmithing has become a major part of my life. I'm alway's learning and trying to make each piece the best with a little of myself into each. Bladesmithing and Blacksmithing are old world crafts that I feel need to be preserved for future generations. All the stuff I make is hand forged and handmade using old traditional and modern Bladesmithing techniques.

I use mostly traditional materials but can also use modern materials. The blades I create are of my own style and design and are made to be used if need be.

I also do some custom blades.

The photos on the front page are some of my past works. If you need something made or have questions just let me know.


Robert Lindsey (RPLRAVEN)